Headspace Meditation Tracker | Bullet Journal | Digital Planner

The Headspace Meditation Tracker includes:

  • 1 PDF in A4 to print for your Bullet Journal (you can resize it while printing)
  • 1 JPG File for your Digital Planner
  • 2 Tutorials to learn more about how to add them to your Bullet Journal or Digital Planner

$ 0.00

Meditation is great for your sanity and overall health. I personally use Headspace which gives me an App I can download and install on my mobile phone and/or tablet, log in and listen to great meditations. Beside guided meditation I also have music to help me fall asleep or quick meditations and whole courses for an entire month. And when I participate in such a course (or in general)  it’s great to have an overview if I did my meditation for the day. And that is what this meditation tracker is for. You can add it to your Bullet Journal and/or Digital Journal. Of course you don’t need Headspace to use the tracker but it’s a great way to meditate so make sure to check it out.

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