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  • A Sleep Tracker with a Sloth for your Bullet Journal

$ 3.00

What you get for your Bullet Journal:

  • Sleep Tracker as PSD File with all Layers to change to your liking
  • Sleep Tracker as SVG File to resize it to whatever size you prefer
  • Sleep Tracker as PNG for your Digital Planner
  • Sleep Tracker as PDF for printing it quickly

If you use the Sloth commercially you can use the separate PNG, SVG and PSD Files with Layers.

If you have a Bullet Journal you most probably also have a Sleep Tracker inside your Journal because you know how important good sleep is. Tracking your sleep is essential if you want to be more productive and full of energy. There are some rules you need to take care of. For example: You should sleep about eight hours per night and go to bed before midnight. Also, if you want to accomplish a goal a Sleep Tracker can help. Go to bed a bit earlier and get up half an hour earlier to accomplish whatever you want to get done.

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