Hybrid scrapbooking is a unique scrapbooking style that combines techniques and methods of both the traditional and digital scrapbooking. Traditional scrapbooking means, the paper type of scrapbooking and digital, as we all know is doing all the work via computer and then get them printed. A unique blend but very distinct.

As the leading digital scrapbooking shop, Digidesignresort also feature products for those who are interested in hybrid scrapbooking. Catering to adventurous scrappers, hybrid scrapbooks can tests your creativity. A hybrid scrapbook let you enjoy both worlds, from the tangible feature of traditional method to the flexibility of digital freedom.

Digidesignresort offers supplies you need for hybrid scrapbooking. The most common way to make this hybrid method is to use the digital format for papers, overlays, photo albums, journaling cards and other printable templates. From this templates, you can then add the traditional elements like flowers and other embellishments. The result is a marvelous piece of art project.

For this particular category, we offer at least 16 products but you can always browse our other categories. We include templates, journaling cards, alphas, papers, quickpages, albums and photo book. These products correspond to specific themes.

Here at Digidesignresort, we value the creativity of scrappers. Hence, we invite you to check out our other products and digital scrapbooking supplies in other themes. In each theme, we have printable templates and layouts that you can use for your hybrid scrapbooking projects.

Let our digital scrapbooking shop help you in all your scrapbooking needs. We go beyond the basic digital scrapbooking with our supplies and products for hybrid scrapbooking. Browse through our collections and enjoy scrapbooking with Digidesignresort store!

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